“ I’m from Pittsburg California and was raised all around the east bay. I graduated from Concord high school. During all four years I worked retail and played sports. Being the only child I was always taught to stay busy and one of my favorite hobbies was drawing. Sometime in high school I decided to try my passion of art into cutting hair for fun for my family and friends.

I wouldn’t say I was the best but I definitely enjoyed what I did! Working retail for about 5 years since I was 16 years old, I then pursued barber college and that’s when I wanted to turn barbering into my career. After completing my hours and achieving my licensed I was very lucky enough to work under a phenomenal team at Empire. Since then it’s been a great learning experience. Being surrounded by such a motivated, talented and successful team I knew that my skills would not only develop with just cutting hair but in all aspects of barbering.

I love the relationships that I've built with the whole Empire team and as well as all the clients that have walked into the barbershop! In my free time I like to be with my family, and close friends. Also try to make time to go to the gym and take care of my dog Roscoe.”



“I was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA. After graduating from De La Salle high school in Concord, I attended Sacramento State University and received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Shortly after receiving my degree, I decided to pursue my original passion of cutting hair and enrolled in Moler’s Barber College in San Pablo, CA. After completing the barber program at Moler’s, I was able to turn my passion into a profession and was accepted as a barber at Empire Barbershop. The professionalism, community outreach, and family friendly environment that Empire provides grows and strengthens my passion for all the aspects of barbering. Being able to give a client exceptional customer service, confidence, and satisfaction with a haircut is what I look forward to the most. When I’m not pursuing the daily grind at the shop, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and restoring sneakers.”



Born and raised in the Bay Area California. Graduated 2010 from Molers Barber College in Oakland, CA. After Graduating I worked as a Nomad barber establishing myself and beginning my journey learning and developing new skills and techniques. Anywhere I could plug in my clippers I was cutting! My goal was to give it my all. I wanted to be the most well rounded barber. Growing up in the Bay Area was diverse so i wanted to accommodate every person that walked thru the door never saying “no i can't cut your hair type!”



Born in San Diego, raised in Reno, perfecting my craft in the bay! Licensed Barber & Barber instructor. Barbering has been my solitude since day one, as my family moved a lot as a kid being in the military. Everyday in my career is a new challenge that helps mold me into doing better & being better not only as a Barber, but a person as well. I love what I do & I do what I love with nothing less than 100% hard work, dedication, discipline, & passion!



“During my free time One of my favorite hobbies is to play soccer. I enjoy going to hair shows, hair cutting classes and seminars. When I have time I always make the effort to attend these events because I know the time invested in barbering will bring me success in giving a better haircut service.

I have been in the hair industry for about 6 years now. I started to cut hair for fun; I had a small set of tools and a lot free time. What started as a simple hobby became an amazing learning experience.
I continued to cut hair until my 2nd year in UC Santa Cruz and made the decision to follow what I love to do. I attended GEBBCA apprenticeship program in Richmond C.A. Now I am currently working at Empire and I enjoy everything about my journey as a Barber.

My goal is to make sure my clients expectations are 100% fulfilled. Sometimes I tend to be a perfectionist, but I continue to embrace it and apply it in each and every haircut. I love providing all kinds of haircuts. I am still open to learning more in the Barber and Cosmetologist hair culture. I enjoy the new modern hair styles , but I also love to do classic gentlemen styles.

It’s important as a Barber to provide versatile haircuts and also continue to keep old school traditional barbering in the barbershop. Empire Barbers apply traditional services that are exclusive in the barber industry. Here at Empire we aim for the best and our goal is give an unforgettable experience.



“ I was born in the Philippines but raised in the Bay area. I graduated from Mount Diablo High School in Concord C.A.. My original plan was to obtain my bachelor’s in computer engineering but I chose to go for my passion in barbering. I love conversing with people. As a Barber I am able to do so. Being able to talk, make a connection and help people, even with the slightest conversation is what I love doing. When I am not with the Empire Crew I love spending time with my family and friends.”



“Since I could remember I have always had an interest in Barbering, Fashion has always been a big part of my life. Being able to change how someone may feel by just giving a great hair cut or any of the other great services that a barbershop offers is very fulfilling. How someone feels makes a world of a difference. To be able to be apart of that for someone is one of the great rewards I have in my life. Life is short “Look great feel great”.




 As a young boy I never had anyone to take me to a real barber shop, so my mom would take me to a nail salon to get haircuts, but I was never happy with the outcome. When I was 12 my mom bought me my first pair of hair clippers, from that day on, I began to cut my own hair. 

   As I got older & I became a full time dad to a beautiful little girl who needed my undivided attention, I also began to drift from one job to another. I then realized that in order to have stability, to be content & provide for my daughter, I needed to make a change in my life. But my future, my true passion, had been there with me all along, cutting hair, I wanted to be a barber. 

   Fast forward to now, barbering became and is more than a job, it is my career, it is who I am, it is who I am becoming. The satisfaction of having conversations with new faces, with returning clients who later become part of the Empire family, seeing the reactions when I hand over the mirror after a hair cut, providing for my daughter and my family and making them proud of my craft, well, those are the things I strive for on daily basis. 

   I take pride in the work I put out, and I am grateful to be part of a team that allows me to utilize my skills and to have the best teachers  around me where I am constantly soaking up more knowledge along the way. Thank you for the continuous support, we'll see you around the shop soon. 


empire barbershop veterans @EMPIREVETERANS



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I was born and raised in the bay area.  After graduating from Pittsburg High School, I enrolled in a community college to figure out whats my next step after high school.  I took many medical classes, worked in many sales jobs and also spent couple years in retail feeling lost. Till one day I was given the opportunity to model at Paul Mitchell for a haircut demonstration and ever since that day I finally found my passion. I quit my job and enrolled in barber school and I must say its been the best decision iv made. Im looking forward to be a part of Empire and being able to work with a group of very talented barbers and a barbershop thats built its reputation on professionalism.  My goal is to grow and to take my craft to the next level and execute teamwork so we are successful as a team.


james r. bolton

Growing up I would watch my mother in the hair salon boost her clients confidence by providing them with amazing hair styles. Whether it be a simple trim, color, or highlights, her focus always remained the same and that was to insure that she provided them with an excellent service that left them looking good and feeling great! I’ve always admired her passion and her attention for detail.

My first love was sports, football primarily; I wanted to play ball at a collegiate level & maybe even the pros but unfortunately my dreams came to end when I injured my knee back in 2010. If I wasn’t on the field or in the gym, you could likely find me at the barbershop during my free time.  At first what started off as being just a hobby (sweeping, cleaning & etc), I began to see myself on the other side of that chair. From then on I studied their craft, they took me under their wing, became mentors to me and showed me the fundamentals of barbering. 

In 2013, I became a father, my daughter Mya Terran was born & 2015 my son, James Jr. was born. I felt the pressure to provide for my family so I put my passion on hold and got a job in the sales field. It felt great being able to provide for my family but I always felt as if I had another calling. After a few years I decided to take a leap of faith and with the support of my fiancé, Alexandra, I enrolled in barber school and haven’t looked back since. 

I am very thankful to be apart of the Empire family. It is an honor to work with such a prestigious group of barbers. Not only do we take great pride in our craft but we also continue to motivate one another to be the best that we can be!  




I was born Burlingame, raised in Richmond Ca. I went to Pinole Valley High School. I love playing soccer. After I Graduated from High School I decided to get a job and save some money to go to college. I worked full time and tried my best everyday at work. It was going good for me but to be honest I didn't really enjoy working at a restaurant, it just wasn't my thing. That's when I knew in order for me to be happy I need to do something I like.

     My brother has been cutting hair for a very long time , he has always been my role model. I would see him cut hair but it didn't interest me as much. I didn't understand it. Until my 18 birthday he bought me my first pair of Whal 5 star clippers and a pair of Andis GTX liners. My first haircuts turned out okay but it was frustrating trying to achieve the haircut , since I didn't really know the process. But I would wake up everyday knowing that if I keep practicing it will workout.

I kept watching tutorials, I would ask my brother many questions , I would go to Empire Barbershop as well and watch everybody cut hair. A couple months later I did my friends hair and I stuck to the formula that I felt more comfortable with, and the haircut came out great. And the feeling I got when I showed my friend the mirror and he started smiling, laughing and taking pictures and I observed his confidence.

After that specific haircut I wanted to cut everyday and make people feel good about themselves. That's when I knew I wanted to be a Barber. Now I get up in the morning with a smile, with the tenacity to cut hair. I wake up in a good mood , and go to sleep In a good mood. Barbering is the best thing that has happened in my life.



Born and raised in San Pablo, CA. As far as I can remember I’ve always had an interest in calligraphy art and a desire to one day become my own boss. During my teenage years I discovered that barbering would be the ticket to becoming my own boss as well as satisfying my passion for art. It wasn’t until after my 8 year run in telecommunication sales I decided to turn my dream into reality. I attended Moler Barber College in San Pablo and obtained my barber license. After bouncing around from neighborhood salons and barbershops, Empire Barber Lounge opened their doors to me and gave me a chair to call home. It is at this location that my skills and passion have really reached new heights.