Empire Tradition


EMPIRE was developed to give the public an authentic barbershop experience. The name is a direct influence of Empire owner and founders upbringing in NYC. He wanted to represent his home and bring a piece of NY to the Bay Area. He chose the name as New York is known as THE EMPIRE STATE.

The vintage Presidential chairs are from the 1950s. They are the same chairs his childhood barber used. It took 2 1/2 years to find and restore. The chairs were taken apart and gone through thoroughly. New upholstery and every piece of metal being re-plated. The decor is truly New York. From the subway tiles for obvious reasons to the wall sconces similar to those previously found in N.Y.C. parks. The hints of home with photos of iconic buildings.

The level of service which may be new to many is nothing new at all. We consider this our home and welcoming you the client into our home it is important to make you feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed. Every detail has been thought through and this is the same attention to detail you will receive in every service at EMPIRE.

Our staff have been trained to uphold this level of service. The technique developed through years of quality service. Empire decision to bring its service to the Sunvalley mall in concord was two fold. This was an excellent opportunity to bring top level service to the public. For Empire this was a great opportunity to showcase traditional barbering. Secondly for the masses to have some of those old memories come back and families to share in the tradition.

Owner of Empire explains… "We wanted to take the most commercial location in our area and cut a small section out. Literally drop a completely authentic, classic barbershop in the middle of the mall. We wanted people to be surprised and a bit thrown off. We definitely wanted you to forget you were in the mall as soon as you step foot inside. No gimmicks, just classic “traditional barbering with a modern twist."

We hope you will appreciate the effort put in as this was developed with your experience in mind. We hope to see you soon.